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Tropical LawnScapes is one of Orlando’s premier landscaping companies, serving greater Orlando’s residential and commercial markets. We are conveniently located in beautiful Winter Park.

We founded the company for our own personal needs for quality full service lawn care, and quickly found out that we were not alone in our needs.

As real estate investors, we own and manage several properties. The costs associated with those properties continued to rise as our portfolio grew. Although the contractors we used kept the properties groomed, they never seemed to be as well maintained as they should have been. Part of the problem was that we were using one contractor for lawn maintenance, another for lawn fertilizers and insect control, another for design and installation, and yet another for sprinkler repair and maintenance. At one point it became clear that it was more cost effective to purchase equipment and move the job in-house. Even if we didn’t service any other properties, other than our own, the move in-house would pay for itself in 2 years.

As we quickly discovered, we were not alone in our quest for high quality, dependable full service landscaping. The business quickly grew and it was time to expand, which brings us to today.

 Although we are not the oldest landscaping company in the metro Orlando area, we are one of the best. We approach every client’s property as if it were our own.  After all, this is why the company was founded in the first place. We strive to make our clients’ landscape as good as it can be, and settle for nothing less. “We take pride in your landscaping” is not our slogan, it’s our mission statement. We don’t cut your grass and trim your bushes, we manicure them. Hiring Tropical LawnScapes is like having your own personal gardener without the boarding expenses.

If this is the type of service you’re looking for, give us a call. Once you experience a Tropical LawnScapes yard, there is no going back. We are the microwaves and high speed internet of landscaping. Once you have it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to meeting you.

Bob Batten