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Today more than ever it is essential that your sprinkler system operate at peak performance. With an ever growing water shortage here in Florida, water management is critical to not only your landscape, but also to the health and well being of Florida residents.

Each year the rules set forth by the St. Johns River Water Management District, which covers all of Orange and Seminole Counties, seem to get more and more restrictive with regards to landscapes, and rightfully so. Right now the rules, as of March 8th, 2009, state that you may only water TWICE (2) per week, putting down no more than 3/4" of water per zone. This leaves little room for error or an inefficient water delivery system. Arguably, there is tremendous waste in residential sprinkler systems as a whole.

In recent years, sprinkler efficiencies have grown. It is now common to find micro or even drip irrigation in residential landscapes. These methods only put water where water is needed.

Now is the time to have your sprinkler system evaluated to ensure you're doing your part to conserve Florida's precious water. At Tropical LawnScapes we can incorporate sprinkler maintenance plans right into your lawn service. These plans include a quarterly check of your sprinkler coverage and reprogramming your timer to meet the needs of your landscape for the different seasons. We also replace broken sprinkler heads, as needed, at no additional charge to you. Should you not opt for a monthly plan we would be happy to assist you on a per- occurrence basis.




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